Stepps is home to two primary schools and a newly built library. Stepps Primary School: The new Stepps Primary is located on Blenheim Avenue. Stepps Primary pupils typically transfer to Chryston High School in Muirhead. St. Joseph's Primary School: St. Joseph's Primary is found on Cardowan Road opposite St. Joseph's R.C Church and the Old School building. Pupils from St. Joseph's usually move on to Our Lady''s High School in Cumbernauld.

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Stepps Library & Cultural Centre

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Early 1900s - Stepps Bowling Club Takes Shape

1905-1920 - Life in the First Clubhouse

1921-1945 - A Purpose Built Clubhouse

1945-1988 - Post War Years

1988-present - Recent Developments


Early 1900s - Stepps Bowling Club Takes Shape

At this time Stepps was develop\r\n\r\ning from an agricultural, mining and railway backwater into a residential suburb of Glasgow. A railway station (1831), Roman Catholic Church (St. Joseph''s, 1875), Public Hall (known as the "Union Hall", 1885) and Church of Scotland on Whitehill Av. (1900) had already been established yet the only sporting facility in the area was a Curling Club (established 1887). The Curling Club was located near the Railway bridge and had a pond and small wooden clubhouse.

On the 17th of December 1903 at 8.00pm a meeting was held in the "Union Hall" it was proposed that a Bowling Green for Stepps & District be established. The district was canvassed and at a meeting on the 24th December 1903 it became evident that some 66 local residents were interested in starting a club.

Opening Day at Stepps Bowling Club


1905-1920 - Life in the First Clubhouse

Stepps Bowling Club was formally opened on the 10th June 1905 with a crowd of between two and three hundred people from Stepps and surrounding areas. Prior to the opening of the club, in April 1905 it was agreed that an offer of the old wooden clubhouse from Stepps Curling Club would be accepted and a joiner from Muirhead was appointed to put it in place at the North of the green. In 1906 toilet facilities were built to the West of the clubhouse and shortly after a small kitchen was added at the rear but gas lighting was not installed until 1910.

Ladies played a very minor role in the early days of the club, only wives, sisters and daughters of members were allowed anywhere near the club. A proposed Ladies Day in 1908 was abandoned, but the idea first became reality in 1911, ladies were only "invited guests" at specified Ladies Days until 1915. Ladies could then become Temporary Members, entitled to play on two afternoons per week, for an annual subscription of 5/-, but they still had to be related to club members to gain this privilege.


First Clubhouse at Stepps Bowling Club


1921-1945 - A Purpose Built Clubhouse

The first clubhouse soon became too small and dilapidated for such a rapidly growing club and the members began planning to fund a replacement. A modern wooden clubhouse was built by Mr. Sam Smith for a cost of £800 in time for the Club opening of the 1921 season, on the 30 April 1921. The new clubhouse was much larger than its predecessor with a long verandah in front of the 10 ft by 15 ft clubhouse, it also included a bowl-house, kitchen and ladies room along with red asbestos tiles on the roof.


1945-1988 - Post War Years

Following the war the club saw an increase in memberships from ex-servicemen which lead to a temporary rise in the limit of members to accommodate the demand. In the 1940s there was an incident of minor subsidence on the green, reportedly due to underground work from the National Coal Board, this resulted in some improvements to the green. Again in 1960 subsidence, possibly due to old mine works, meant that the green was five inches lower in one corner of the green. This alarmingly lead to memberships falling from 97 to 58 during the problems. Despite these issues extension to the clubhouse were planned at a cost of £4300.


During this time there was much discussion for and against alcohol consumption on the premises, but it was not until 1985 that the sale and consumption of alcohol was allowed at Stepps Bowling Club. A new clubhouse was designed and built in the late 1980s and was opened with a meal, music and dancing on the 7th of May 1988. In 1989 a bar license was applied for, gaming machine installed, telephone and alarm fitted.


1988-present - Recent Developments

A bank loan which helped finance the cost of the new clubhouse was noted as having been paid off by 1992. Important organisational changes occurred in 1998 when the categories of "Full Member" & "Associate Member" were made open to both men and women. Potential club members must be proposed and seconded by existing members and then interviewed and approved by the current committee or its designated representatives. In addition to bowling socially members can take part in several competitions at Stepps Bowling Club. There are also a number of social events that take place at the bowling club throughout the year.

The information on this page has been published with permission from Stepps Bowling Club, based on the book ''Stepps Bowling Club: A Short History'' by Jim K. Begg which was produced for the clubs Centenary in 2005.


Les Marches is a village in the Savoie region of France. It sits in the foothills of the Alps between Chambery and Grenoble. There has been a friendship link between the Stepps community and Les Marches since 1995.

The friendship started when the Lespinasse family from Les Marches were holidaying in Scotland and happened to stay at the Craigendmuir campsite. Didier Lespinasse made the connection between Stepps and Les Marches (The Steps). Didier''s efforts led to the start of a link between the two communities. A growing number of individuals and families became involved in the friendship.

The determination of everyone involved to strengthen the relationship led in 2001 to a decision, supported by North Lanarkshire Council, to enter into a formal Twinning of our two communities. The first part of the Twinning process took place in September 2002 when a party of 39 people travelled from Stepps to Les Marches. The process was completed by a return visit from Les Marches to Stepps in October 2003.

In October 2013 the group celebrated it''s 10th Anniversary of the formal twinning when 52 people from Les Marches visited Stepps.  The occasion was marked with a civic reception in The Stepps Cultural Centre with over 100 people.  The Provost of North Lanarkshire Mr James Robertson, Councillor Brian Wallace and Councillor William Hogg were among the guests along with Guy Gamen, Mayor of Les Marches, Evelyne Brisa, Depute Mayor of Les Marches and Councillor Lionel Ghiazza.  Music was provided by The Stepps Songsters and The Music Group from St Ambrose High School.  In the evening everyone enjoyed a ceilidh dance.  A night to remember. Tears were shed when the group left Stepps on Monday morning after once again seeing friendships between the 2 villages becoming stronger.

Trip to Les Marches - Friday 25 - Monday 28 September 2015

 A group of 34 members of the twinning association from Stepps enjoyed another wonderful weekend in Les Marches.  The group was met at Geneva Airport by members of the Les Marches Committee.  We then travelled to Les Marches via the mountains of Les Bauges, stopping to take in some fantastic panoramic views.  On arriving in Les Marches we were welcomed by host families and children from the local school sang some French songs.  On Saturday visits were organised to the town of Chambery and various places of interest.  Saturday evening the group was joined by our friends from Les Marches for a delicious dinner and afterwards, a sing-song and dancing.  After being picked up by coach very early on Sunday morning, we visited an ancient monastery in the mountain of Chartreuse.  After sharing a picnic in the park, amidst the lovely sunshine, we then visited a cheese factory in Entremont Le Vieux.  On Monday 34 jubilant but tired people departed Les Marches.  There is a vibrant youth group in Les Marches, but unfortunately Stepps Youth Group is no longer youth, therefore at the moment the group would be interested to hear from any young person between the age of 14 - 18 that would be interested in becoming involved with the group.