On the 2nd of August 1880, St. Joseph's Catholic School was opened "under government inspection." The school was located in St. Joseph's Church, following morning Mass a curtain was drawn across the sanctuary transforming the Church into a School. The location in the Church made it a difficult place for learning due to the range of all age groups being taught in one large room. There was a high standard of education delivered in parish schools, mainly due to the dedication of teachers and parents who valued the children''s education highly. Despite the good results, parents still wanted a permanent school building constructed. The red brick School building that sits beside the Church on Cardowan Road and opposite the new School was finally built in 1901.

St.Joseph''s Old School

However in 1933 the school was closed and the pupils were transferred to St.Barbara's School in Muirhead. The distinctive red school building was reopened in January 1950 and 35 years later a new school, the current St. Joseph's Primary School, was opened in May 1985.

St. Joseph''s Primary School