Royal Bank of Scotland, Stepps Branch

The village of Stepps has been served by a branch of The Royal Bank of Scotland since December 1926. With a growing number of professionals moving into the Stepps area, Royal Bank of Scotland decided in 1926 to build an office in Stepps. The nearest branches at the time were in Kirkintilloch and Coatbridge, so it made sense for the bank to open a branch in Stepps to allow local businesses and residents to use banking facilities in the local area. A house known as Rossholm, at the corner of Cumbernauld Road and Blenheim Avenue, was purchased by the Royal Bank of Scotland and the ground floor was converted into banking premises with the living premises for the bank manager and family located above. The Stepps branch officially opened on 13th December 1926.


The banks first manager, Henry Robson, remained in charge of the Stepps branch until 1939 and was replaced by David Barnett, who was manager of the bank until 1959. The 1960s were a challenging time for the banking industry but the RBS branch in Stepps continued to prosper and in 1967 the bank was renovated. The renovations took two years to complete and involved a completely new layout for the customer and staff areas as well as the addition of a new entrance porch, below the banks distinctive turret.


Since 1926, the Royal Bank of Scotland has provided banking facilities to the community of Stepps and continues to do so from its premises at 183 Cumbernauld Road.